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Community Service

Giving Back by volunteering time, energy, and skills to various community organizations and causes has been a meaningful way to contribute to the betterment of local nonprofits, schools, churches, and community groups.

Fire Department Honor Guard

The Honor Guard performs many duties, including welcoming dignitaries, presenting the colors of our country, honoring fallen firefighters at memorial/ funeral services, and serving as a ceremonial representation of our department's pride.


All Night Graduation Party

For 36 years, the parents of Hermantown High School’s Senior Class have successfully hosted a chemical-free, All-Night Graduation Party (ANGP) to honor our graduates and to keep them safe on their graduation night.

Music & Arts Booster

A non profit organization with the mission of supporting the music and arts programs at Hermantown Public Schools. 

Sandra has been on the board for four years and counting. 

Hermantown Music and Arts Booster

Sandra has been a Spirit of God Lutheran Church member since she was born. She has served on the council, acted as the property manager, soundboard technician, and shares live feeds of services and other relevant events.

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