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Sandra Merritt


Sandra is a dedicated, hard worker with a great deal of ambition.  She can instantly figure out what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and why.  She lives out her relationships with people by being decisive and sure about her actions while conveying her confidence to others.  Her natural leadership skills allow Sandra to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals.  Sandra goes after it when she knows what she wants and doesn't give up easily.  She is energetic and loaded with enthusiasm.  She has a positive outlook on life.  Energy, drive, and accountability are what sets Sandra apart from others.  She does not quit until she has met her goal.

Sandra loves helping people, fundraising, and teaching.  She enjoyed going into fires and loved doing patient care on a medical.  She has a passion for hazmat.  She has never turned down training and is a lifetime learner.   Sandra loves physical work.  When she was a kid, people would ask what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She would always say a gym teacher because women weren't firefighters back then, and she wanted a physical job.  She couldn't sit still when she retired from the fire department, so she joined the Local 1091 laborers union to return to physical work.  Sandra loves to work hard and loves seeing the results of her hard work.  Her passion was for patient care, hazmat, public education, inspections, and pre-plans with the fire department.  


Hobbies include: swimming daily, traveling - near and far, Zumba, Ballroom Dancing, and spending time with family.  She loves cars, car shows, and Cruise for Cancer fundraising events.

Work Experience

LIUNA Local 1091 Laborer's Union

May 2021 - Present

Duluth Fire Department - Duluth, MN

November 1998 - August 2020

Superior Fire Department - 
Superior, WI

January 1998 - November 1998

City of Duluth - Duluth, MN

August 1993 - January 1998


  • Environmental Cleanup

  • Road and Building Construction

Firefighter/EMT/Hazmat Specialist

  • Protect life, property, & environment

  • Fire, Medical & State Hazmat Team Responder

  • Public Relations & Education

Firefighter/EMT/Hazmat Technician

  • Protect life, property, & environment

  • Fire, Medical & State Hazmat Team Responder

  • Public Relations & Education

Information Specialist

  • Customer Relations & Assistance

  • Data Entry

  • Meter Applications

  • Scheduling


Lake Superior College

September 1993 - June 1996

Lake Superior College

September 1984 - June 1986

Duluth Denfeld High School

September 1980 - June 1983

Firefighter I & II, Hazmat Operations & Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, and Wildland Firefighting.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

High School Diploma



Hazmat Training

Emergency Response to Terrorism

Fire Department Company Officer

Basic Fire Prevention Inspections

Incident Saftey Officer


Driver Operator

Supervisor Management

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Osha 30

Confined Space

Hazardous Waste

MnDOT Flagger

Fire Watch

General Construction

Global Harmonization



download (5).png

Occupational Therapy Asst.

Firefighter I & II


Wildland Firefighting


Fire Cause

National Fire Academy Leadership

Juvenile Fire Setter


Incident Response

Terrorist Bombings 

COBRA Training

Radiological/Nuclear Training

download (3).png

ICS 100, 200, 700

Hazmat Emergency Response

WMD Hazmat Tech

Incident Safety Officer

Fire Cause Determination/Investigation

CAMEO Training

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Enbridge Operator Qualifications

Enbridge Site-Specific Orientation

Enbridge CORE Safety Orientation

Sappi Contractor Orientation 

Allete/MN Power Contractor Orientation

Competent Drivers Safety


download (9).png

ServSafe Certification

download (6).png

MN Child Passenger Safety Program

download (8).png

MSHA Certifcation

download (5).jpg

Hazmat IQ

Above the line Below the Line

download (3).jpg

Firefighter I & II

Local Hazard Zone MGMT 


download (1).jpg

Hazmat Specialist A

MN Child Passenger Safety Program

IAFF Behavioral Health Awareness

download (4).png

BLS Training Faculty

download (4).jpg

Chemical Assisted Suicide

download (1).png

Drone Training

download (2).jpg

Advanced Air Monitoring

download (8).jpg

Permit to Carry

Emergency Medical Technician 

download (6).jpg

Bakken Crude Oil


download (10).png

Tank Car Specialist

Crude By Rail Emergency Response

cold zone.jpg

Mercury It's not just a Planet

Missing Component of Emergency Response

I-35W Bridge Collapse

Hazmat Team Leadership

Handling Rail Car Emergencies

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